Growing Family

By: Carrie Cline
By: Carrie Cline

Carrie's family is growing! She announces the newest addition...

No, I’m not pregnant!  Yes, I’m getting a little belly.  But, it’s called a few too many sweets and not nearly enough exercise!  I’m working on it though, so bear with me!  That’s another blog for another day…  J  

Instead, I have the most incredible story to tell you!  This cinches the fact that it’s a small, small world.  Many of you are familiar with Tracie Potts.  She’s our Washington News Correspondent through our NBC feed service.  You often see political and some health stories that she’s voiced and put together for First at Five and NewsChannel Three Tonight.  Many times on First at Five, we have her toss directly to Bill or me.  She’ll often say something like, “In Washington , I’m Tracie Potts.  Carrie, back to you”.

Well… last weekend, my family and I traveled to my husband’s hometown, a teeny, tiny town in South Carolina —population-5000.  We were there for a quick weekend trip to attend his cousin’s wedding.  Jasper and Faye were always close growing up and he really wanted to be there to support her on her wedding day. 

As the wedding ceremony is ending at the church—also teeny, tiny with maybe a seating capacity of about 175, my mother-in-law, Louise, slips me a note.  It reads, “The man singing (one of the wedding soloists) is Tracie Pott’s husband and Tracie is here!”  Louise is also familiar with Tracie Potts.  Tracie is a part of local NBC newscasts all across the country!  Louise also knows how much I love and admire Tracie.  So, after reading the note, I instantly got excited and began to anxiously look around eager to catch a glimpse of her.  In such a small space, it didn’t take long to spot her.  There she was sitting near the back looking as friendly and down to earth as anyone you’d meet in South Carolina .  Just as my husband was about to grab me to introduce me to one of his many relatives or family friends I hadn’t already met, I excused myself with little explanation saying, “I’ll be right back!”. 

I walked right back to Tracie as if I’d known her all my life, extended my hand and said, “Hi Tracie Potts!  My name is Carrie Cline and you talk to me all the time.”  She broke into a friendly smile without the least bit of confusion on her face before I realized, I should probably explain a little more.  So, I went on to tell her how I work at WSAZ-TV in Huntington/Charleston, WV and we run her stories all the time and she often tosses back to Bill or me on First at Five.  She said, “WSAZ… that’s Newschannel 3 right?”  I was ecstatic that out of all of the stations she serves, she really did know ours! 

From there, the day was sprinkled with quick conversations whenever we could squeeze them in, mostly me asking questions about her exciting job and her thoroughly answering them with great detail.  She was also very interested in what I do and I shared in return.  Tracie started out much like me in a small market in Huntsville, AL .  I started in Cape Girardeau, MO.   Then, she went on to a medium market ( Knoxville, TN ) where she was an Anchor/Reporter, just like I am at WSAZ.  Then, she went on to NBC Newschannel in Washington, DC where she’s worked for eleven years!  Does that mean I’m also destined for the national/network level next???

So, here’s the coolest part of all of this.  Tracie’s husband is the groom’s first cousin.  My husband is the bride’s first cousin.  So, this wedding that took place in a teeny, tiny town in rural South Carolina now makes Tracie and I COUSINS… by marriage!  WE’RE FAMILY!!!  How cool is that???  And yes, she really is as sweet as she appears on t.v… SWEETER!

Enjoy the photos we took together!  We even look alike, don’t you think?  Okay, so maybe I’ve gone too far,,, J

Peace, Love and Joy-Carrie

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