The First Day of Kindergarten!

By: Carrie Cline
By: Carrie Cline

Can you believe it??? My baby is growing up!

The end of babyhood… OKAY, so maybe I’m being a little dramatic, but you really notice your baby growing up when you see them put on that backpack and head off into the world of kindergarten!  Suddenly, she’s no longer my baby anymore, she’s a BIG GIRL!

The days leading up to “The big ‘Big Girl’ day” were full of emotion on my part.  I didn’t actually cry, but I sat on the verge of tears several times just thinking about it.  Then, the day finally arrived.  I was sure I would cry.  I was prepared for it!  But, before I tell you about the actual day, let me back up to the day before.  Gabbie’s school held a kindergarten open house.  I got to meet her teacher, Mrs. Miller, whom I already greatly love!  I also got to see Gabbie’s desk and get all of my questions answered about how this kindergarten thing works.  The neat thing about kindergarten for Gabbie is that all four of her friends from pre-school who were going to the same school all ended up in the same class with her!  That’s a pretty big feat considering there are two kindergarten classes.  So, the 'Five Musketeers' are together again and it’s made the transition for her magical!  Aren't they adorable?

Okay, so the evening before the big day, I’m getting ready to leave work and Bill Murray asks what special events I have planned for the big morning.  I said I plan to get Gabbie up, get her dressed and feed her breakfast before taking her to school.  He scoffed at that and proceeded to tell me how I needed to go all out with balloons, party hats and kazoos to make this day MEMORABLE!!!  I immediately felt somewhat inadequate at the thought that I hadn’t thought of that myself.  But, afterall, I didn’t remember my first day of kindergarten, do you?  Does anyone???  That set me to thinking that maybe that’s precisely why Bill might be right.  Had my mom thrown a party for me, I might have remembered… heck, for all I know maybe she did and I still don’t remember!

Alright, so the big day finally arrives...  The alarm goes off at 6am (I normally don’t get up until 7am), but somehow I still spring out of bed!  Yeah, I was excited too.  I put the lunches together, got myself ready and started breakfast.  I turned Gabbie’s light on, but didn’t go in to wake her yet.  Normally, turning the light on doesn’t even stir her, but I do it to subconsciously let her body know it’s time to start waking up.  However, on this morning, about 60 seconds after I turn her light on, I hear this little voice with an urgent tone, “Mommy!  Come get me!”.  I rush in and there she is sitting up in bed with the biggest grin across her face!  “It’s kindergarten day!”  She squeals.

So, remembering what Bill said, I kick in my version of “The Memorable Party” minus the balloons, minus the party hats, minus the kazoos but with a lots of goofy singing and dancing!  I made up the “Happy Kindergarten Song”.  The tune is very similar to “Happy Birthday”.  When I started it, Gabbie looked at me like I’d just stepped off Mars.  By the time I finished, she was singing and dancing with me!  It was such a glorious moment!  That was pretty much the start and finish of the party though.  Maybe she'll remember it 30 years from now, maybe she won't.

After getting washed, dressed, fed and bowed (of course you have to tie cute little bows in the hair), we took a few photos and headed off to school!  When we entered the room, Gabbie saw the other four musketeers, screamed their names, ran off and forgot all about mommy!  There I was watching the transformation take place right before my eyes.  My baby was growing up!

I have to pause here…after days of thinking I was going to lose it on the “the big one”, I didn’t!  The morning was so hectic that I quite simply didn’t have time to cry.  Oddly enough, I was a little disappointed by that.  Weird, I know.

HOWEVER, the tears have arrived!!!...a day late!  Sitting here blogging about the day and finally taking the time to reflect, I’m suddenly overcome by emotion.  I’m not sure where the tears are coming from—probably the same place they did on her one year birthday as I reflected on the first day I held her in my arms that same day a year earlier.  They’re probably coming from the same place they did the first day of pre-school the first time she really put on a backpack and I took her to school.  It all comes from a mother’s torn aching heart where she wants to see her child grow and flourish, but feels a teeny, tiny loss for the time that’s passed so quickly.

Okay, I have to stop!!!  This is very awkward because I’m having this pity party (did you hear that Bill Murray ?  A party!  Not the kind you were thinking of though) while sitting in the middle of the newsroom!  I'm trying to shield my eyes, but I think I'm just looking silly.  I’ve already dismissed myself to the bathroom once, but I feel another onslaught coming… excuse me...

Okay, I think I’m back together again.    Randy Yohe and Dave Benton are getting a kick out of this.  

So, the “big day” came and went.  As I anxiously anticipated going home and hearing all about it from my excited kindergartner, the reality of it was much different.  She was half asleep on the couch—(no more naps during the day like in pre-school)--exhausted from being a big girl.  She did finally share with a little prodding.  We did dinner, a bath and she was fast asleep in bed by 8:30!!!!  That’s huge from a little girl… uh, big girl who normally didn’t (couldn't-despite our best efforts) go to sleep before 10, 10:30, 11 (during those nap days of daycare and pre-school).

Congrats Kiddo!  Mommy and Daddy are so excited to welcome our new little “Big Girl” and thank goodness for a much earlier bedtime...FINALLY! :-)

Peace, love and joy!































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