Find the cable channel for the WSAZ 10 O’clock News on the Tri-State’s CW for these West Virginia (Ohio, Kentucky) Counties. If you subscribe to Dish or Direct Satellite you can watch The Tri-State’s CW on channel 30.

If your county, zip code or cable system is not listed or it has a NA (Not Available) listed, then you should try receiving the Tri-State’s CW over the air (OTA) on channel 30.1 using an outside antenna pointed toward Milton WV, the location of the transmitter tower.

If you are unable to receive the WSAZ 10 O’clock News on your television you can CLICK HERE to watch the WSAZ 10 O'clock News on The Tri-State's CW

KYBOYD41101Time Warner - Ashland9
   Armstrong South Point - Chesapeake6
KYBOYD41102Time Warner - Ashland9
   Armstrong South Point - Chesapeake6
KYBOYD41129Lycom Louisa7
   Time Warner - Ashland9
   Armstrong Greenup6
   Armstrong South Point-Chesapeake6
KYCARTER41143Suddenlink Grayson4
KYCARTER41164Suddenlink Grayson4
KYCARTER41168Time Warner - Ashland9
   Suddenlink Grayson4
KYELLIOTT41149Mountian Telephone30
KYELLIOTT41171Mountian Telephone30
KYELLIOTT41472Lycom Louisa7
KYFLOYD41216Big Sandy Cable – Van Lear7
KYFLOYD41501Suddenlink Pikeville3
   Intermountian Cable - Martin9
KYFLOYD41602Big Sandy TV Cable – Van Lear7
KYFLOYD41605Intermountian Cable - Martin9
KYFLOYD41606Intermountian Cable - Martin9
KYFLOYD41612Intermountian Cable - Martin9
KYFLOYD41615Intermountian Cable - Martin9
KYFLOYD41616Intermountian Cable - Martin9
KYFLOYD41619Intermountian Cable - Martin9
KYFLOYD41631Intermountian Cable - Martin9
KYFLOYD41635Intermountian Cable - Martin9
KYFLOYD41636Intermountian Cable - Martin9
KYFLOYD41642Intermountian Cable - Martin9
KYFLOYD41645Intermountian Cable - Martin9
KYFLOYD41647Intermountian Cable - Martin9
KYFLOYD41649Intermountian Cable - Martin9
KYFLOYD41650Intermountian Cable - Martin9
KYFLOYD41651Intermountian Cable - Martin9
KYFLOYD41653Suddenlink - Prestonsburg6
   Big Sandy Van Lear7
KYFLOYD41660Intermountian Cable - Martin9
KYGREENUP41101Time Warner - Ashland9
   Armstrong South Point - Chesapeake6
KYGREENUP41102Time Warner - Ashland9
   Armstrong South Point - Chesapeake6
KYGREENUP41121Time Warner - Ashland9
KYGREENUP41139Time Warner - Ashland9
KYGREENUP41141Time Warner - Ashland9
KYGREENUP41144Time Warner - Ashland9
   Armstrong - Greenup6
   Armstrong -South Point - Chesapeake6
KYGREENUP41169Time Warner - Ashland9
   Armstrong - Greenup6
   Armstrong -South Point - Chesapeake6
KYGREENUP41175Time Warner - South Shore5
   Time Warner - Portsmouth9
KYJOHNSON41219Sitka Cable System - Sitka23
   Suddenlink - Prestonsburg6
KYJOHNSON41222Big Sandy TV Cable – Van Lear7
KYJOHNSON41226Big Sandy TV Cable – Van Lear7
KYJOHNSON41234Big Sandy TV Cable – Van Lear7
KYJOHNSON41240Suddenlink - Prestonsburg6
   Big Sandy TV Cable – Van Lear7
   P&W TV Cable Tutor Key4
   Intermountian Cable - Martin9
   Suddenlink - Kermit6
KYJOHNSON41255Sitka Cable System - Sitka23
   Suddenlink - Prestonsburg6
   Foothills Rural Telephone - Staffordsville38
KYJOHNSON41256Suddenlink - Prestonsburg6
   Intermountian Cable - Martin9
   Foothills Rural Telephone - Staffordsville38
KYJOHNSON41257P&W TV Cable Tutor Key4
KYJOHNSON41260Suddenlink - Prestonsburg6
KYJOHNSON41265Big Sandy TV Cable - Van Lear7
KYJOHNSON41268Over the air30.1
KYJOHNSON41274P&W TV Cable Tutor Key4
KYLAWRENCE41129Lycom Louisa7
   Time Warner - Ashland9
   Armstrong - Greenup6
   Armstrong -South Point - Chesapeake6
KYLAWRENCE41180Over the air30.1
KYLAWRENCE41201Over the air30.1
KYLAWRENCE41230Lycom Louisa7
KYLEWIS41179Time Warner - Morehead7
   Time Warner - Vanceburg30
KYLEWIS41189Time Warner - Vanceburg30
   Time Warner - Flemingsburg7
KYMARTIN41214Suddenlink - Kermit6
KYMARTIN41224Suddenlink - Kermit6
KYMARTIN41250Suddenlink - Kermit6
KYMARTIN41514Intermountian Cable - Martin9
   Suddenlink - Kermit6
KYPIKE41501Suddenlink - Pikeville3
   Intermountian Cable - Martin9
KYPIKE41503Suddenlink - Kermit6
KYPIKE41514Intermountian Cable - Martin9
   Suddenlink - Kermit6
KYPIKE41519Intermountian Cable - Martin9
KYPIKE41522Suddenlink - Pikeville3
KYPIKE41531Intermountian Cable - Martin9
   Suddenlink - Kermit6
KYPIKE41537TV service - HindmanNA
   Intermountian Cable - JenkinsNA
KYPIKE41547Intermountian Cable - Martin9
KYPIKE41549Intermountian Cable - Martin9
KYPIKE41553Intermountian Cable - Martin9
KYPIKE41555Intermountian Cable - Martin9
KYPIKE41557Suddenlink - Pikeville3
   Intermountian Cable - Martin9
KYPIKE41562Crystal Broadband - HydenNA
   Suddenlink - Pikeville3
   Intermountian Cable - Martin9
KYPIKE41563Suddenlink - Pikeville3
   Intermountian Cable - Martin9
KYPIKE41568Intermountian Cable - Martin9
KYPIKE41572Intermountian Cable - Martin9
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