WVU Defensive Coordinator placed on administrative leave

 Photo: WVU Athletics
Photo: WVU Athletics (WDTV)
Published: Jun. 23, 2020 at 6:41 PM EDT
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BRIDGEPORT, W.Va (WDTV) - WVU defensive coordinator Vic Koenning has been placed on administrative leave, effective immediately after a series of tweets posted by rising sophomore safety & Capital High product Kerry Martin on Tuesday afternoon, which detailed encounters that have made him uncomfortable with defensive coordinator Vic Koenning.

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He started by writing, “I myself have dealt with mistreatment and racism growing up in West Virginia, but I never would’ve thought I would deal with it while at a school I’m supposed to call home with my own position coach, Vic Koenning.”

Martin went on to note specific encounters with Koenning. Last June, he wrote that he had his first incident with him, when the Koenning allegedly called Martin “retarded” after a mistake that he made on the field.

Later in the tweet he wrote, “During the 2019 season, he was talking about President Trump and how he should ‘build the wall & keep the Hispanics out of the country’ and there’s a Hispanic in the position meeting.”

The last incident he detailed came yesterday when Martin stated that Koenning said in a position meeting “If people did not want to get tear gassed, or pushed back by the police then they shouldn’t be outside protesting.”

At the end of the tweet he wrote, “I didn’t want to bring negativity to the program but with everything going on and for him to still act this way and feel okay with saying what he said is not okay. Enough is enough.”

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