Ashland restaurant enforcing mask mandate

People wearing masks insideAshland Restaurant.
People wearing masks insideAshland Restaurant.(Kim Rafferty)
Published: Jul. 12, 2020 at 11:12 PM EDT
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ASHLAND, Ky. (WSAZ) - Employees at Bombshells and Ales greet each customer like Heather Sellars with masks who walked in with one on too. She supports wearing them but said she won’t judge if someone is not.

"I also know with health conditions that can sometimes prevent wearing masks so that needs to be also just as valid as wearing the mask," said Sellars.

She says they seem to be following all the guidelines.

Over the weekend the restaurant posted a sign that said because of HIPAA laws, they cannot ask a customer about their medical information. So if someone is not wearing a mask, they will assume you have a condition that falls under the exception.

“We believe that people with disabilities we are not going to ask you its not our responsibility we are going to be good humans and respect their privacy,” said owner, William Bare.

He said they are following guidelines, they added hand scanners to detect food born viruses for customers and employees, a new outdoor patio at the Ashland location. They also have protocols for sitting at the bar, standing in line for social distancing, extra PPE on hand, signs encouraging social distancing and mask wearing across the restaurant.

"I have always tried to protect our customers and our employees without those two we can't exist," Bare.

Sellars said she feels comfortable bring her family to eat, supporting small business

"I feel like this is a safe environment for us to enjoy a family dinner," said Sellars.

Bare saying he will respect a person’s privacy while navigating the costly transitions he says going above and beyond state requirements.

“We don’t have the big corporation money from getting either customers sick or shut down by the health department,” said Bare.

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