Petition to change the Parkersburg HS mascot and team name “Big Reds”

There is a petition to change the PHS mascot and team name
There is a petition to change the PHS mascot and team name(WTAP)
Published: Jul. 25, 2020 at 12:00 AM EDT
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PARKERSBURG, W.Va (WTAP) - A Parkersburg High School senior named Rose Schock began a petition to change the name of the school’s team name and mascot.

The Parkersburg HS “Big Reds” have been the subject of much controversy over its name. Many say it is a derogatory terms towards Native Americans and the mascot being a generalized and insensitive form of an indigenous person.

This is all coming after the Washington football team changed their team name.

Those for the petition say that it has provided a lot more discussion and understanding for those offended by this name.

It’s definitely encouraged a lot of people to recognize the issue and speak out about it. With it happening on a much larger scale, I think more people are willing to actually connect to it. And from that they’ve seen examples of, you know, real Native American people and people with Native American heritage coming forward and saying that they’ve been made uncomfortable and they’re extremely offended by what has been going on.

Rose Schock, Parkersburg HS Senior

There is another petition that is for keeping the name that is circulating on social media as well.

Superintendent Will Hosaflook declined to comment on the petition because the Board of Education has not seen it yet. WTAP has tried to contact those at the high school but they were unavailable or would not provide a comment at this time. That is the same case for those petitioning to keep the name.

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