Door-to-door soliciting turns aggressive

Published: Jul. 31, 2020 at 10:28 PM EDT
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HURRICANE, W.Va. (WSAZ) - Going door-to-door and overstaying their welcome.

"I just opened up my door and when I said I wasn't interested, they put their foot in the door. "I just kept pulling it shut and then he finally turned away and walked off," said Debbie Hoffman.

Hoffman is one of several Hurricane residents who opened their doors to someone who claims to be selling cleaning products. If turned down, the seller’s motives can become aggressively persistent.

Mayor Scott Edwards says although he started receiving complaints about this type of door-to-door soliciting this week, it's been a problem for years.

“They’re trying to sell this stuff, but they say things like ‘you live in a big, nice house. Fifty dollars won’t hurt you at all,” Edwards said.

Debbie’s husband, Scott Hoffman, and their daughter also were approached this week. Both didn’t have the option to close the door-- as her daughter was approached outside her car window and her husband was tending to their garden.

“After my daughter told him ‘no’ and he was rude to her, cause he tried to sell her some stuff, he ended up coming to the backyard and yelling ‘hey, hello, hello’ and kept hollering and wouldn’t give up. I was trying to ignore him,” said Scott.

The man continued not to give up.

“After he came back, he wanted to use his cleaner on my driveway. I told him ‘no’ and he really wanted to try and I wouldn’t let him,” said Scott.

Mayor Edwards says this door-to-door soliciting is illegal in the city of Hurricane. However, it is acceptable outside of city limits. Edwards still encourages anyone, no matter where they live, to call the police if they ever feel threatened.

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