Severe weather threat this evening

High winds and power outs likely in spots
Published: Aug. 1, 2020 at 4:45 PM EDT
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HUNTINGTON, W.Va. (WSAZ) - 5:30 PM Update, Tony Cavalier

Severe weather has crossed through Jackson County Ohio. 911 personnel report trees down along State Route 139 near Jackson. Street flooding has been common across the county with hots spots like Chillicothe and Beaver Pikes. Ohio AEP lists only a few power outs as of 5:40pm.

Initial posting-4 PM

Early this Saturday evening Doppler radar is lighting up like a Christmas tree. The ornaments of red, green and orange on the dual Doppler scan a dead ringer for thunderstorms in their formative and growing stages. Cloud tops have reached 50,000 feet which means the apex of the thunderheads have protruded to almost 10 miles overhead.

Given the hot and humid air down at ground level and the increasing winds in the heavens above, the stage is set for some violent thunder squalls this evening. Appropriately the National Weather Service has posted an alert for possible severe thunderstorms until 11 pm tonight. The official terminology of a SEVERE THUNDERSTORM WATCH is often misconstrued as to what constitutes a severe thunderstorm? In that regard when winds are expected to reach 60 miles per hour or hail stones are to reach 1″ in diameter (quarter size) or a tornado is suspected a severe thunderstorm is declared when in practical terms severe weather to the layman often occurs at levels under those thresholds.

Naturally any neighborhood or county that experiences high winds would be a candidate for power flickers and even outages.

For the evening ahead keep a wary eye and ear to the southern and western sky, the direction that heavy weather will be traveling from. If the sky darkens and thunder rumbles, it would a good idea grab those patio seat cushions and roll down the table umbrella. That would also be the time to park your car in the garage or under the cover of a carport in the event high winds or hail were to rush through your neighborhood.

One last thought, the ground is soaked after this week’s tropical rain pattern, so localized flooding whether mere street flooding or small stream overflow is likely in the most intense cells.

Here’ s a link to the latest Doppler radar scan.

Finally keep the kids playing close by this evening until the all clear from storms is declared.

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