Kokosing Construction Co. meets with South Charleston mayor after WSAZ investigation

A day after WSAZ investigated the Jefferson Road Project progress, Kokosing met with the mayor
Published: Aug. 5, 2020 at 8:17 PM EDT
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SOUTH CHARLESTON, W.Va. (WSAZ) - On Tuesday evening, WSAZ uncovered that the Jefferson Road Project, a major road project in Kanawha County, has been on hold for more than nine months because of permit issues.

But on Wednesday morning, after the investigation ran, there were already talks about how to improve the situation for Jefferson Park residents.

“Went to work this morning, I had a (representative) from Kokosing waiting on me at the office obviously, they saw the interview on TV and they reached out. I give them credit for reaching out to me and willing to sit down and discuss this issue,” said Mayor Frank Mullens.

Kokosing is the construction company handling the Jefferson Road Project. WSAZ asked Mullens if he believed Kokosing showed up because of the WSAZ investigation.

“Yes, he even mentioned that, they saw the interview and that made him want to reach out to me and let’s see if we can get something resolved here.”

Mullens said at the morning meeting he and Kokosing discussed why things were shut down and how to improve property maintenance. Neighbors told WSAZ that, aside from the project hold up, the lack of upkeep was also extremely frustrating. Mullens has been sending city crews to do things like cut grass and maintain the sediment control.

“What my main focus was, was the property maintenance itself -- trying to make things as less intrusive to the neighborhood as we possibly could. Cutting the grass, maintaining the sediment control, getting rid of the brush piles,” Mullens told WSAZ. “Look, if we can just do some of those things, I think it could go a long way with the neighborhood and (Kokosing) agreed.”

Mullens said the city and Kokosing are going to try and partner up to tackle the property maintenance issues.

“We’ll try to make this property more attractive or less of a nuisance for the neighborhood as we can.”

The two will meet again next week to discuss who will be assigned to what and how things will look as they clean up the property.

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