Parents try out homeschooling for fall

Published: Aug. 14, 2020 at 9:58 PM EDT
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CABELL COUNTY, W.Va. (WSAZ) - To see your child get lost in a book can be one of those defining moments as a parent, especially when you never thought that moment would come.

"I couldn't figure it out, I thought he just hated reading. Come to figure out, he just hated taking tests on everything he read," said Glade Keener.

Keener has been homeschooling her children for three years now and says she's never looked back.

“When we took the plunge, I never realized how many people were out there,” Keener said.

Just a call away is Lauren Thompson. Like many parents, she's had to weigh her options between a virtual or in-person schedule for her son.

“My son has ADHD and tourette syndrome. So, if he were to be in a classroom at all, he would most likely be confined to his desk.”

So, she’s decided to take the plunge, as well, and try out homeschooling for the first time this fall.

She wanted to try out more non-traditional ways of learning that Keener says has given her children the freedom to explore their passions.

“I have one child who’s interested in bugs and loves to do gymnastics all day. Another that’s working on filming and wants to do his own YouTube video. So, he can spend hours learning about filming,” said Keener.

Parents say it’s all about learning in a new way -- all to help their children develop a love for life.

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