Floyd County Schools prepare for return to in-person learning

Published: Sep. 23, 2020 at 7:15 PM EDT
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MARTIN, Ky. (WSAZ) - Floyd County teachers are using this week to prepare to make the switch from the virtual classroom to in-person learning on Monday, Sept. 28.

“I told my students the other day, you can expect some of the things to remain the same. We still have the calendar wall behind us, we’re still going to say the pledge every morning, but you can still expect some things to be different,” said Matthew Crisp, a teacher at May Valley Elementary.

While students are required to wear face masks during the school day, mask breaks are implemented into the school schedule.

“Wearing these masks all day long is tough. On a nice day, we’ll take the students outside for a walk or for a class where they can socially distance and remove their masks,” Crisp said.

Instead of cubby spaces, students will use bins to store their belongings beside their desks.

“All the students will have everything they need right below their seat,” said Jamie Lawson, a teacher.

During class changes, students will remain in their designated classroom while teachers change rooms.

“They won’t be changing classes. We usually change classes every day, but the teachers will be switching out instead,” Lawson said.

For the first few weeks of in-person learning, students will eat lunch in their classrooms. May Valley Elementary is working to expand seating in the cafeteria to accommodate social distancing guidelines.

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