Animal shelter volunteer finds kittens abandoned and dead along U.S. 52

Animal shelter says they're seeing more cases of abuse and neglect
Published: Oct. 12, 2020 at 8:48 PM EDT
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PORTSMOUTH, Ohio (WSAZ) - For any animal lover, the discovery one animal shelter volunteer came across over the weekend was heartbreaking and troubling.

Sierra’s Haven in Portsmouth says they were told about a box of kittens found abandoned and dead along U.S. 52 in Franklin Furnace. Sadly it’s just the latest instance of animal cruelty the shelter says they are noticing an increase in.

“It’s just happened in the last two to three weeks,” said Chrystal Dixon-Brown. “People come in and they come in at the last minute and say, ‘I’ve got these cats. I can’t keep them.’ If we don’t have room, it’s the alternative they either dump them or they take them to a bad place, or they get killed or something like that.”

The shelter says earlier on in the pandemic, they saw an increase in adoptions, but now that trend has reversed and animals are being returned.

“I feel like people didn’t expect this to last as long as it did. A lot of us in the rescue shelter community wondered if this would happen. People would adopt dogs while they are home but then when they went back to work, or it has lasted as long as it has and they can’t afford their care, they either return them or they get dumped.”

Brown encourages people to consider fostering to help shelters who are full and cannot bring in new animals in need.

“Some people are like, ‘Oh it’s just cats or just a dog. No big deal.’ But God put them here for us to have dominion over the animal. We’re supposed to take care of them. We’re the ones responsible for taking care of them, not mistreating them, not kicking them, not being mean to them, not starving them. There’s no excuse.”

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