WVSSAC issues modifications to winter sports

Published: Oct. 15, 2020 at 10:46 AM EDT
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PARKERSBURG, W.Va. (WSAZ) - The West Virginia Secondary School Activities Commission has announced new guidelines for winter sports.

According to the WVSSAC, there have been modifications to basketball, wrestling and swimming.

In basketball, face coverings are required for those on the bench if social distancing isn’t possible. Coaching staff and other bench personnel are required to wear one. This includes those at the scorers table. The WVSSAC says players will not be required to wear masks while playing.

Handshakes before and after the game will be suspended.

Officials are not permitted to supply water bottles, cups or towels for shared use. Each athlete is responsible for bringing his or her own water.

They recommend teams to reduce the number of people travelling when possible.

Head coaches from each team will attend a pre-game conference with social distancing included. Players will not be allowed to attend.

The WVSSAC says separation should be created between the bench areas and spectators. Spectators should sit on the fourth row and higher behind the team area.

Cheerleaders will also be required to wear masks or face coverings.

For officials, the referee will only attend the pre-game conference and will maintain social distancing.

Officials will not be required to wear jackets during pre-game.

Officials are asked to eliminate the jump ball and the visiting team will be awarded the first alternating possession for the throw in.

In swimming, they will be asked to arrive at the venue in competition attire to avoid the need for dressing rooms. There will be only one lap counter and timer per lane except in championship meets.

There will be a pre-meet conference with the coaches and one with the captains.

Meet officials are required to wear face coverings and social distance.

Athletes will wear face coverings except when they are participating in an event. Coaches, meet officials, timers and spectators will be required to wear masks.

There will be no more than three swimmers per lane for warm-ups and the cool down.

The WVSSAC says there will be dual meets only. The number of athletes on deck should be limited per the facility guidelines.

Teams will remain on opposite sides of the pool during the meet. There can also be virtual meets.

No handshakes or physical contact between athletes and coaches will be allowed.

For wrestling, athletes, coaches and everyone floor level will wear a face covering.

The benches and team areas will be arranged for social distancing.

Water containers are not allowed to be shared.

Mats will be disinfected before the competition and cleaned frequently.

Coaches must wear a face covering on and off the mat. Post-match handshakes will be eliminated.

Wrestlers must either shower or wipe down after each match. They should change uniforms as much as possible and wear a face covering when they aren’t competing. Handshakes are eliminated.

Officials are asked to maintain at least six feet when dealing with other officials, athletes and coaches. They must wear a face covering when off the mat, but it’s optional when on the mat and must be black.

Competition is limited to duals, tris and quads, or a maximum of 56 participants for high school.

Click here for more details on the modifications.

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