Gov. DeWine reminds Ohioans not to let their guard down

Published: Oct. 16, 2020 at 11:05 PM EDT
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HUNTINGTON, W.Va. (WSAZ) - Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine came to our region Friday with a plea to the public to not let their guard down, because he says the number of positive COVID-19 cases is trending in the wrong direction.

The governor says in the last two weeks there have been 429 new cases in Meigs, Lawrence, Scioto, Vinton, Gallia and Jackson counties in southeastern Ohio.

He specifically pointing to Scioto and Lawrence counties, which are both in the red, along with two-thirds of the rest of the state of Ohio.

He says the state is entering its third round of spikes in cases and, while southern Ohio was spared the first time around, this time the stakes are even higher.

“What’s different this time is we are seeing this virus spread in every single county, every single part of the state. If you take this region as a whole, we are now in this part of the state of Ohio, with all the counties collectively we are at about two times the rate of what the CDC calls high incidence, so we are at like 184 cases per 100,000 population for a two-week period of time on an average,” DeWine said. “That is just really unacceptable, and what it means is that the spread is just everywhere. So my appeal today is for people to take control of this, take the responsibility, wear the mask, keep the distance, do what has to be done. There is a lot at stake by wearing a mask, keeping distance we keep our kids in school. By wearing a mask and keeping the distance, we allow our kids to play sports, we allow them to be in theater, whatever they are doing that is extracurricular, we allow that to continue, to continue on. By wearing a mask, we allow our businesses to keep moving forward.”

As far as a vaccination, DeWine is hopeful one will be generally available by the summer.

"But it’s coming, so I guess my message to people who are tired of this and sick of it, I am tired of it, I am sick of it too, I am tired of wearing a mask, I am tired of having to stand back away from my grandkids. I don’t like it, but the end game is here, we can see the end, and the end is that we all get through this so we can celebrate birthdays, weddings, baptisms --anything -- going to football games, whatever we like do to. But we’ve got to get through this to be able to do that. "

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