3 Putnam County volleyball teams consider legal action for having to sit out state tournament

Published: Nov. 10, 2020 at 12:04 AM EST
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PUTNAM COUNTY, W.Va. (WSAZ) - Winfield High School, Buffalo High School and Hurricane High School volleyball teams met Monday night to discuss what their next steps would be to try and score back their seat in the state tournaments, which begin Thursday.

“That’s why all these parents are here, Winfield, Buffalo, Hurricane. We’re here to get these girls where they need to be and that’s at states,” said Hurricane volleyball parent, Carl Bishop.

WSAZ first reported on Sunday that the county turned orange on the color code map, which automatically disqualified the three volleyball teams to play their last round of games. With state play starting Thursday, and the map not updated until Saturday, volleyball teams not in green, yellow, or gold counties will not be able to play.

“I feel that they deserve the option to play with parents in the stands, or not in the stands, I just think they deserve a chance,” said Buffalo High School volleyball parent and assistant coach, Jeanette Harris. "The football boys are getting a chance and I think they need to consider it, the girls need it, kids need sports.

Parents, coaches and players said during the meeting that it was unfair football schedules got adjusted so teams could get a second chance to compete in their playoffs. However, the WVSSAC told WSAZ on Monday the exact same opportunity was given to both volleyball and soccer when they were in the playoff portion of their season. Right now, football is currently in the playoffs.

“We don’t have the flexibility because, if we move the whole tournament to the next week there’s a whole other group of people who might not make it by the color code so then you have to wait to the other week,” said WVSSAC Director Bernie Dolan.

Now parents and coaches say they feel their only option left is to pursue with legal action:

“Right now, I think that is the only thing we have to do to get things moving because, right now it’s not moving very fast,” Bishop said.

“I doubt there’s any alternative and if you’re looking at time, it’s Monday already. Games start Thursday, Friday, Saturday, so you’re going to have to take action quick,” said Winfield volleyball parent Jason Canterbury.

The WVSSAC said so far they have not rescheduled any state tournament events.

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