Dozens gathered in Sissonville for the procession of fallen Officer Cassie Johnson

Dozens of people came out to show their support as Officer Cassie Johnson's procession was...
Dozens of people came out to show their support as Officer Cassie Johnson's procession was underway.(Tori Yorgey)
Published: Dec. 8, 2020 at 7:47 PM EST
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SISSONVILLE, W.Va. (WSAZ) - Blue ribbons, balloons and flags flooded the town of Sissonville to show support as fallen Charleston Police Officer Cassie Johnson was laid to rest Tuesday.

“It kind of (warms) your heart,” said Tim Holley, who is from Mason County but traveled to Sissonville to watch Officer Cassie Johnson’s procession. “My son is a police officer and it kind of hits close to home when stuff like this happens. I support them 100 percent.”

The color blue could be spotted all across West Virginia and the procession that lead Officer Johnson to the cemetery was no exception. Fellow officers from departments across the state road with their lights flashing bright to lay Officer Johnson to rest.

But the color blue wasn’t the only thing lining the roads in Sissonville, as dozens of people came out to watch the procession pass through.

“I came out today to show my appreciation and respect for the police officers,” Cynthia Good, a Sissonville woman, told WSAZ after the procession. “They go out there everyday and protect us and we need to show them respect, let them know we stand behind them just as well.”

The support and love didn’t stop there. Appalachian Power crews were also outside of the Sissonville Fire Department where they hung a large American Flag with two bucket trucks so Officer Johnson’s procession could ride under it.

“Flying this flag is the least that we can do,” said Cody Douglas, an AEP lineman who was formerly a West Virginia State Police trooper.

“I’m just really appreciative that AEP allows us to come out here and fly this in honor of Officer Johnson. With my background in law-enforcement it means a lot to me,” Douglas told WSAZ. “I understand the sacrifices that law-enforcement makes everyday to protect the citizens.”

Members of the Sissonville Fire Department also put on their uniforms to salute Officer Johnson and her family as they rode through Sissonville.

“Today the fire department is paying their respects to Officer Johnson and her family. You know, when an officer or any first responder is killed in the line of duty, we want to pay that respect to bring that first responder community together,” said Sissonville Fire Lt. Robert Fisher.

The department paid respects by lining up fire trucks and standing in front at different ends of the procession route while saluting.

“I know several businesses are doing their best to show support and a lot of people lined the roadways with flags or balloons, (and) we greatly appreciate that. I’m sure Charleston Police Department Officer Johnson’s family appreciates that as well.”

After the procession, the burial services began at Floral Hills Memorial Gardens in Sissonville.

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