White Christmas Eve

Snow blitz delivers White Christmas
Snow plows needed after the Christmas eve snow blitz.
Snow plows needed after the Christmas eve snow blitz.(KY3)
Published: Dec. 25, 2020 at 12:07 AM EST
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HUNTINGTON, W.Va. (WSAZ) -The heaviest snow since the Valentine’s night storm of 2016 (which was preceded by great January storm that year) rolled into the region late Thursday afternoon assuring a white Christmas for the first time in a decade (2010 or 2012 last ones).

Road conditions deteriorated rapidly as the temperature plunged from the low 50s into the 20s in a matter of a few hours. This spelled trouble since a general half inch of daytime rain pooled onto roadways allowing for a slush to form amidst the falling snow initially. This slush was then to be covered in the thick blanket of snow before freezing solidly later on when temperatures dip into the teens.

So any untreated or un-scraped/un-shoveled road, sidewalk or steps will have a crust of ice underneath. This spells a travelers alert both in cars and under foot.

The fast and furious night time snow will wane as lighter, more sporadic snow showers overnight fall into Christmas morning. This meant visibilities were to improve overnight for Santa’s trip in from the North Pole.

Christmas Day will dawn with a deep snow cover, averaging 4″-6″ with temperatures in the teens.

During the day the sun will play a game of hide and go seek behind passing clouds with snow flurries common. When the west horizon darkens a blinding 20 minute squall will pass depositing a wind-blown fresh inch of powder. This will bring total accumulations in many areas to 6″.

Looking ahead a deep freeze will settle in Christmas night as temperatures fall to near 10 above zero. Secluded ho9llws that manage to dodge the overnight wind can easily dip into the single digits.

Then a moderation will take place as the sun returns this weekend. Temperatures will inch above freezing on Saturday with a new night of re-freezing of slush come Sunday morning. Sunday’s sunshine will sponsor a nice melt-down of sun as highs make the 40s.

To recap, overnight snow will taper to flurries leaving behind a general 4″-6″ with some areas in Eastern Kentucky and Southern Ohio tipping the scales at 8″.

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