Hometown Heroes | Ronald Spaun and Brendan Payne

A police officer and his trainee are being hailed for their heroics.
Published: Jan. 15, 2021 at 9:40 PM EST
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MIDDLEPORT, Ohio (WSAZ) - A police officer and his trainee are being hailed as heroes after helping rescue three people from a burning home.

A neighbor called 911 a little before 7:30 the morning of Jan. 3 when they saw a home on South 2nd Avenue in Middleport burning.

“The front part of the building was engulfed in flames,” Sgt. Ronald Spaun said.

Spaun and corrections officer Brendan Payne, who was riding along with Spaun for training, got there before the fire department.

Spaun says they tried kicking the front door open, but it wouldn’t budge. He says they banged and yelled until a man and woman inside woke up.

“The door was still not coming open,” Spaun said. “After a few minutes of pulling on the door, we finally got it open.”

The man said his elderly father was still inside. Spaun says flames were spreading when he and Payne went in and found the elderly man in bed.

“He said when he woke up all he could see were flames and smoke,” Spaun said.

Spaun says they helped get the man out safely.

“He walks with a walker, but we didn’t have time to look for a walker with the smoke and fire in there, so we just grabbed his arms and went out the door,” he said.

He says although running into burning houses isn’t part of their training, it was the natural response.

“I didn’t even think about consequences or anything,” he said. “We just had three people in there and had to get them out.”

He says fire crews arrived just after the elderly man was taken out to safety.

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