Neighbors help pull two people out of burning home

One said it’s an experience she hopes to never relive again
Published: Jan. 21, 2021 at 11:46 PM EST
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MASON COUNTY, W.Va. (WSAZ) - A woman who helped pull a couple from their burning home is still trying to cope with what she saw.

“I heard a bang like somebody had slammed the door shut real hard,” said Michie Castle. “I thought it was my daughter coming in, so I kind of just ignored it. But then, my window went orange.”

The fire broke out around 5:30 a.m. Thursday along the 100 block of Rich Street in Gallipolis Ferry. Point Pleasant Fire Chief Jeremy Bryant said neighbors, like Castle, were the reason the two people inside the home were outside to safety when they arrived.

“When I got to (my front) door I heard my next door neighbor across the street from my trailer yell ‘they’re in there, they’re in there!’”

That’s when Castle said she and another nearby neighbor ran to the home.

“(One victim) was sitting up right and (the other) was halfway in the door and halfway out the door laying,” Castle told WSAZ.

She said they were able to help drag the couple out of the home, trying to get them as far away from the flames as possible.

“I mean, the whole time I heard butane going off, exploding,” she said.

Soon after, Point Pleasant Fire Department crews responded with Gallipolis Fire Department and Valley Fire Department.

“There’s a lot of family around here, it is a close-knit community,” said Point Pleasant Fire Chief Jeremy Bryant. “(Thursday) morning when we were (there), everybody from all (the) mobile homes in (the) area were out very concerned, worried and upset. The great thing about it is, they pulled together to pull them out.”

Chief Bryant said the victims were taken to a local hospital by Mason County EMS and later flown to a burn unit in Pittsburgh. The woman did not survive her injuries.

“I just hope his dad is OK and I’m really sorry about the situation, I’m sorry I couldn’t do more,” Castle said, “This is something I’ve never experienced in my life and I wouldn’t want any family member to ever have to experience this ever, ever, ever.”

Fire officials told WSAZ the man remains in critical condition at the burn unit in Pittsburgh.

Officials said they believe the fire was accidental and fire marshals are still investigating.

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