U.S. Rep. Carol Miller appointed to House Ways and Means Committee

Published: Feb. 3, 2021 at 5:20 PM EST
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HUNTINGTON, W.Va. (WSAZ) – U.S. Rep. Carol Miller, R-W.Va., is the first representative from West Virginia to be appointed to the House Ways and Means Committee in more than seven decades.

Miller, who’s from Huntington, is also the first woman from the state to ever hold that position.

The committee is responsible for handling issues like your taxes, health care and trade.

“West Virginia’s energy industry is directly impacted by decisions “The ‘Ways and Means Committee’ is one of the most oldest, most powerful committee in Congress. No one from West Virginia has been on this committee since 1948, and I am now the first woman from West Virginia to have ever served on the Ways and Means Committee,’” Congresswoman Miller said by phone from Washington on Wednesday afternoon.

We asked Miller what this means during a time when traditional energy jobs are vulnerable under the Biden administration.

“We have to work diligently and be innovative with what we do with our natural resources. You know, we have met coal, we have thermal coal, we have coal that can be made into fiber,” Miller said.

“We need to be energy independent and help our allies to be energy independent. With our abundant natural resources, why would our allies want to buy dirty gas from Russia? You know, to me, it boggles my mind that these kind of things happen, and so, I’m going to work really, really hard to make sure that the administration understands that we have wonderful gifts that we can use and good jobs right in West Virginia.”

Miller told WSAZ Wednesday afternoon that she was appointed to the trade subcommittee.

“In my opinion, it rounds out in Congress, where all your representatives are placed. And so, it’ll be a boon for West Virginia to have your congressmen and senators in important places. And, and I am so honored to be on this committee. And, everybody came up to me and went, ‘Wow, it takes years to get on trade!’ And I went, ‘I know, you know, I really believe there’s a reason for everything, and I think God placed me in the right place at the right time for our state.’ ”

Congresswoman Miller said she also wants to let people know that West Virginia would be a good place for manufacturing jobs.

“That’s part of what I’m doing when I’m talking to these ambassadors, to let them know. I mean, just, just look in Point Pleasant, look at the land that’s available. Look at Raleigh County at their airport, the infrastructure they’ve put in place. There’s so many wonderful things. Lewisburg’s got the second longest runway in the state. Martinsburg’s first. And Raleigh County is talking about extending theirs even farther. And so, yes, we are looking for manufacturing in any place we can put it.”

According to the congresswoman, West Virginia is the number two hardwood state in the county.

“I went to China last May, a year ago, because of our hardwoods. We are the number two hardwood state in the country and they were having great difficulty because of the tariffs. And so, I went over with a staff member and some other support people and directly met with people that imported our timber and actually got to see timber there with stamps with ‘West Virginia’ on it.”

“We are a commodity state. We have lumber. We have gas, oil, coal. We are, our natural resources just are abounding and, so I’m going to do everything in my power to see what I can do to help move our state, get direct foreign investment, move on more jobs, and just make West Virginia shine.”

Later on Wednesday night, Congresswoman Miller chatted with Amanda Barren on the WSAZ Now Desk. Tap here for a look at that interview.

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