Business helping families and their pets recover from winter storm

Published: Feb. 16, 2021 at 6:25 PM EST
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RIPLEY, W.Va. (WSAZ) - Thousands of families across our region are scrambling to find ways to stay warm after Monday night’s winter storm knocked out their power, and Kristie Carr is making sure their pets aren’t forgotten.

Carr, owner of Kountry K9 Grooming and Boarding in Ripley, has offered to take care of pets for free until families are able to get the power back on. The business has gas heat and has not yet lost power, allowing her to ensure pets are not cold.

“Even though I am not in the best situation with trees down on my home, if you are able to help somebody you better help them,” Carr said. “I’m not charging anybody for any of this. If you need me, then I am here.”

Carr said her Facebook post offering the free service has been shared more than 1,000 times and people from across the Jackson County community have reached out asking if she can take care of their animals. That goes beyond the dogs and cats she is used to dealing with. People dropped off everything from rabbits to lizards on Tuesday afternoon.

Chief the Lizard was one of the pets dropped off. His owners, Devin Shreve and Jaylyn Sheppard, were concerned because the power is out at their home and his heat lamps would not work. Sheppard said she thought it was crazy asking Carr to take care of their lizard, but she immediately told them to stop by as soon as they could.

“If I could get my vehicles out, I would offer to go pick people’s dogs up,” Carr said about having to walk down her driveway to get to work on Tuesday morning. Trees fell all over her property and ice kept her from driving anywhere.

“If you have neighbors, if they are elderly, they have pets, go check on them,” Carr continued. “If they need food, call me. We can load you up with pet food if they are not able to get out.”

Carr is asking people to contact her through the Kountry K9 Facebook page or by calling or texting 304-532-8994. She is willing to help people who were impacted by Monday’s storm or who lose power later this week when more severe weather is expected.

“Just get hold of me,” Carr said. “Just give me a call and we will definitely get your baby in here and get it settled in. We’ll make sure it stays warm.”

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