Floodwaters leave behind massive road slip, only way in and out for community members

Published: Mar. 4, 2021 at 11:52 PM EST
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CHAPMANVILLE, W.Va. (WSAZ) - Some people in Chapmanville are expressing their concern after the recent floodwaters left a massive slip in the only road to get to and from their homes.

“Right now, I don’t think a fire truck would be able to get up there, it wouldn’t be safe for them to pass over because there isn’t enough room,” said Stuard Haugen, who is lives off of Sawmill Road. “If they (did,) it would probably break off. Even EMS, ambulances are really heavy and then if it breaks off, how long is it going to be for us to get out?”

Sawmill Road in Chapmanville is the only way in and out for dozens of families. Community members said the road was not always in the best condition but now they have a “natural disaster” on their hands.

“(There are) some folks that (live here and) are really in sick conditions,” said Ricky Adkins. “It’s bad to be sick but it’s bad also to be sick and be trapped and can’t get out to get to a hospital for medical attention.”

Adkins said he’s worried that emergency vehicles would not be able to make it past the slip to tend to anyone in need.

Logan County Schools told WSAZ they had to stop allowing buses to drive up and down Sawmill Road because of the slip.

“It’s very unsafe. We have a school bus driver who lives up here and she brings her bus home (usually) but she is unable do that now,” said Kayla Horton. “She can’t even run up the holler to pick the kids up for school, so that’s a big issue.”

In a statement to WSAZ, Rob Pennington, the Department of Highways District 2 Maintenance Engineer, said they have “identified the slide and have begun working on a solution.” Pennington and the county administrator in Logan County are working together “to choose the solution that fits the area best.”

In the meantime, DOH has put up cones and signs to alert the public to use caution until the slip is fixed.

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