Lexington group calls for justice for Breonna Taylor one year after her death

Published: Mar. 13, 2021 at 11:23 PM EST
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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - Jasmine White was in the car caravan on the anniversary of when Breonna Taylor was killed.

“It touches my heart because Breonna, she was one year older than me. It’s a situation that could have happened to me,” said White.

She and dozens of others took to the streets Saturday, albeit not in the same way they did many times last year.

”Like last year when we were all out in the streets, everything was shut down. People wondering what is going on,” she said.

They drove or rode in cars, and circle city hall, the police station and the courthouse. It was a different way, but for the same message.

”Our collective bargaining agreement is currently being negotiated in secret. And we feel like that’s an issue. Our local city council has the ability to reject the collective bargaining agreement,” said event organizer April Taylor.

This group is also following a number of bills in the Kentucky General Assembly.

They want Breonna’s Law passed; they want no knock warrants banned. And they are also following several bills that have to do with possible charges for those arrested during police protests. They’re upset about Senate Bill 211, which passed that chamber this week.

“They are trying to pass a bill that you can’t taunt or talk to police officers, in a certain way. I think that’s ridiculous what happened to freedom of speech?” asked White.

The group is called LPD Accountability and they say they want officers held accountable.

“Brett Hankison did receive criminal charges, but the charges had to do with bullets that hit dry wall, not the bullets that hit Breonna Taylor, And that’s a problem,” said Taylor.

The group circled the downtown area six times because they said that stood for their six demands, which they said can be seen on their website.

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