Police chase after stolen ambulance leaving three deputies injured, cruisers damaged

Published: Mar. 19, 2021 at 11:54 AM EDT
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MINGO COUNTY, W.Va. (WSAZ) - An ambulance stolen in Pike County, Kentucky, was stopped by deputies across state lines after a 20-minute police chase throughout Mingo County, according to the Mingo County Sheriff’s Office.

Chief Field Deputy Allen Mounts said the pursuit sent three deputies to the hospital with minor injuries and left three police cruisers damaged, with one possibly totaled.

Mounts said they were alerted by dispatch of a stolen ambulance around 9 a.m. Friday morning heading north on U.S. 119.

“The ambulance service has GPS on it, so they were tracking him,” Mounts said. “We had a couple of guys that happened to be out that way (so) they turned on him and started following him up 119.”

The man behind the wheel, deputies say, was Fed Blevins, 40, of Mingo County.

Deputies say Blevins was going about 80 to 90 mph during the chase, even on two-lane roads. Mounts said Blevins was also going into the opposite lane at high speeds into oncoming traffic.

“At speeds like that, especially when it got on to two-lane roads, there were other drivers on the road that he was passing left and right, running other people off the road. It did get kind of (scary) a little bit.”

Deputies caught up to Blevins around 10 a.m. at the intersection of state Route 65 and U.S. 52 in Naugatuck. Mounts said that’s when Sgt. Norman Mines performed a pit maneuver which turned the ambulance sideways. At that point, Deputy Jeremy Casey pulled behind the ambulance, which is when Blevins allegedly shifted to reverse -- backing into the cruiser. Then, Sgt. Phillip Muncy pulled in front of the ambulance to completely block it off. Mounts said it was at that time, that Blevins tried to run down another cruiser to try and break away from the hold.

Mounts said all three deputies inside the cruisers were taken to the hospital to be checked out for minor injuries. Blevins was also taken to the hospital for minor injuries.

WSAZ asked what the motive was behind allegedly stealing the ambulance.

“He just said he needed ‘to get out of Mingo County’”, Mounts said.

Police said Blevins is a familiar face to law enforcement, but this will be his first time receiving felony charges.

Those charges include several felonies, including two charges of attempted murder of a police officer, three counts of reckless disregard to the public, two counts of destruction of property, and fleeing and bringing a stolen vehicle into the state. He also faces several other traffic violations.

No injuries or damage to vehicles was reported by civilians.

The ambulance was less than a mile from the state line when it was stolen.

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