Teen saves grandmother from flames

Published: Mar. 25, 2021 at 6:43 PM EDT
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LUCASVILLE, Ohio (WSAZ) - A quick video game to pass time before church, taking a pause.

“Right between like the game ending and the song changing, I heard her yell,” Isaiah Turner said.

Turner, 16, ran into open flames to find his bedridden grandmother latched onto her bed.

“She was starting to fall into the fire cause she was trying to get it off of her and she’s not good with her legs, so she was falling down like into it,” Turner said.

Flames and thick black smoke had made it hard to function.

“Hard to breathe in, see, and all that. [It was] hard on the lungs, it was just bad,” Turner said.

In addition, the rapid flames that consumed parts of her prosthetic leg made the rescue challenging.

Turner quickly realized the game of life has no reset buttons , and no second chances.

However, if there’s one thing he’s learned from video games, it is to act fast and on instinct.

“My first objective was to get her off fire. I didn’t care about the house or nothin, I didn’t care about myself. I seen her on fire. My first objective was running here and getting nana out of the fire,” Turner said.

Turner successfully removed the leg and began to carry her outside of the bedroom, until something physically pulled them both back.

“I [saw] that I couldn’t pull her anymore, because the catheter was still connected, so I ran in there and got the scissors and cut it,” Turner said.

Escaping the room with second and third degree burns and put on a ventilator for 24 hours, as his lungs experienced an overload of breathing in thick smoke and soot.

“God planned it out perfectly,” he said.

For Turner, surviving a near-death experience with someone he holds so close to his heart, may have been the greatest win of all.

Turner’s grandmother is currently still in the hospital getting treated for her injuries. Eventually she will be transferred to a nursing home for rehabilitation and further treatment.

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