Rash of thefts from cars reported

Published: May. 4, 2021 at 9:14 PM EDT
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CHESAPEAKE, Ohio (WSAZ) - It’s generally never a good idea to leave a large amount of cash in your car overnight.

Brandy Meeker is wishing dearly she hadn’t done so Thursday night.

Meeker’s car was one of many a thief or thieves went through along several streets in Chesapeake.

She says she’d left more than a thousand dollars in her wallet under the passenger seat, money her son was going to use toward a new car.

Friday morning, most of that cash was missing. A few ones had been left behind.

“It very, very much angers me,” Meeker, who lives along County Road 1, said. “Even if the door was left open, for them to open it and take whatever’s there, that’s just wrong.”

Brenna Price lives along Brown Street and was among those whose cars had an unwelcome visitor. She says she’d left her car unlocked, and someone had opened her door and gone through her items. She says fortunately, she didn’t leave in anything worth stealing.

“Even if you leave your car unlocked, I don’t think it gives people the right to open it up and just start rummaging through your stuff,” she said. “Those are things we’ve worked hard for.”

Gage Townson , who lives along 2nd Avenue, says unfortunately, his passenger door doesn’t lock, and cash he’d left in there was swiped.

“I called the police department,” Townson said. “They said around 37 people had already called in and said the same thing happened.”

Townson says someone had broken the window of his cousin’s vehicle.

The Lawrence County Sheriff made a Facebook post last week, reminding people these types of crimes do tend to pick up when it gets warmer, and you shouldn’t leave anything valuable in your car.

“I hope they get what’s coming to them,” Meeker said.

“The people that are doing it, before you end up doing it to the wrong person, I would really say you should stop,” Townson said.

WSAZ reached out Tuesday morning to the Chesapeake Police Department. Our message hadn’t been returned as of Tuesday evening.

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