Woman goes months without phone service

W.Va. Delegate creates email address specifically for Frontier service complaints
Updated: May. 7, 2021 at 7:55 PM EDT
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HUNTINGTON, W.Va. (WSAZ) - After the snow and ice storms hit our region in February, many went days or weeks on end without phone service.

However, one woman in Huntington, who’s a Frontier Communications customer, is going on three months without being able to make a call.

After nearly 90 days, she’s no closer to service or answers.

“Eighty-six days today I’ve been without a phone,” Darlene Day said.

Day has been counting down the days to make a call from her home phone.

“Nothing. No dial tone, no noise, no nothing,” Day said.

She lives along Porters Fork Road in Huntington, an area that does not have a single bar of cell service -- meaning she has no way to call anyone in an emergency.

“If I have to use the phone, I have to go down to my brother’s a fourth of a mile away and just pray that I don’t need 911,” Day said.

She says she lost service in a storm on Feb. 11. She’s been calling Frontier from her brother’s home, all to try and get service restored and answers on why she is still waiting.

“They said we needed to keep paying the bill. That way, we would for sure get service and everything,” Day’s brother said.

Day says she was given a ticket number from Frontier, meaning she was put on a list to have crews come out and fix the issue.

We reached out to Frontier Communications, and they said even if a customer does not have service, they still must pay a bill in order to have the issue addressed.

However, Darlene already paid through the month of February -- a month she spent the majority of without service.

Now, she’s left feeling hopeless and disconnected.

“You’re forgotten, they just don’t care,” Day said, wondering how much more time she will have to wait.

We reached out to Frontier’s corporate communications to ask about Darlene’s issue and why she’s still waiting.

“We regret any inconvenience to our customer. We will get this taken care of quickly and get it right. We appreciate our customer’s patience,” Vice President Javier Mendoza said.

After seeing WSAZ’s story with Darlene, Delegate Daniel Linville (R-Cabell) reached out and said he was very upset to read this story.

”It’s very frustrating because the Committee on Technology and Infrastructure actually had Frontier in front of us, and we specifically asked about the storm response,” Linville said Friday night, “and what we were told was that they had, at that point, completed all the major reconstruction and repair that they needed to do. But then, in addition to that, there may be a few homes that they would be completing in the very near future. Eighty plus days doesn’t feel like the very near future. We’ve already adjourned our regular session. We’re back in our districts, and to find out that someone in Huntington didn’t have landline telephone service this whole time is so terribly frustrating and that is why we want to get the message out that we’re here as anther avenue to help.”

As a result, the West Virginia House of Delegates has created a dedicated email address to help track service outages across the state.

The emails to the address will go to Delegate Linville, members of the Committee on Technology and Infrastructure and a liaison with Frontier.

That email address is

West Virginians are encouraged to utilize this email address to report Frontier outages statewide.

Email addresses for issues with other service providers are also being created.

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