Woman stopped by TSA after loaded gun found in carry-on

TSA officers at Huntington Tri-State Airport stopped a woman with this loaded handgun at the...
TSA officers at Huntington Tri-State Airport stopped a woman with this loaded handgun at the security checkpoint on June 10. (TSA photo)
Updated: Jun. 11, 2021 at 3:45 PM EDT
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HUNTINGTON, W.Va. (WSAZ) - A woman from Scioto County, Ohio was stopped by Transportation Security Administration (TSA) officers at Huntington Tri-State Airport (HTS) on Thursday when a loaded .380 caliber handgun was detected in her carry-on bag.

The handgun that was loaded with six bullets was confiscated by TSA officers.

“It’s important to know where your gun is when you pack for a flight. And where that is must not be in your carry-on bag,” said John C. Allen, TSA’s Federal Security Director for West Virginia. “Our TSA officers remain vigilant in their duties even as the end of the pandemic nears. We are still doing what we can to reduce touch-points to help prevent any cross-contamination, but when someone has a prohibited item in their carry-on bag, it means that our TSA officers are going to have to open that bag and go inside to remove it, thus creating additional touch-points. Take extra care not to have anything prohibited in your carry-on bag before you leave your house to come to the airport.”

ivil penalties for bringing a handgun into a checkpoint can stretch into thousands of dollars, depending on mitigating circumstances. This applies to travelers with or without concealed gun carry permits because even though an individual may have a concealed carry permit, it does not allow for a firearm to be carried onto an airplane.

TSA has details on how to properly travel with a firearm posted on its website.

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