Neighbors bring underground water spring concerns to Portsmouth City Council

Published: Jun. 28, 2021 at 10:52 PM EDT
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PORTSMOUTH, Ohio (WSAZ) - Neighbors in one community say water problems are causing serious damage to their homes, and it’s got nothing to do with rain.

Dozens of residents along Edgewood Drive in Portsmouth share a common problem.

Edie Knittel says workers discovered about a year ago several inches of water in the crawl space under her house, which was creating mold.

“I cannot breathe,” she said. “At times I really get to coughing and gasping for air.”

A couple houses over, Charlie Maillet says the middle of his house is gradually sinking.

Residents fear the problem may be an underground water spring beneath their homes. If the issue isn’t addressed, they’re worried their homes could be ruined.

Maillet says half a dozen contractors have been to his house during the past year and a half and told him it’s too massive a problem for them to fix.

“It’s such a big job, it’s out of their scope of range,” he said.

“The foundations of our homes are getting weak, and it’s going to depreciate our property,” Knittel said.

Monday night, several neighbors took their concerns to the Portsmouth City Council meeting.

“We thought if City Council could get drains in here to drain the water off this area and take it somewhere else, it would solve the problem,” Knittel said.

“I’m with my neighbors on trying to get something resolved to have something done about this problem so it’s not a burden on each of us to pay tens of thousands of dollars possibly to get our houses fixed,” Maillet said.

Mayor Kevin Johnson told them the city manager would look into the issue and get back with them.

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