Milton police officer stuck by needle during drug bust

Published: Jul. 12, 2021 at 11:04 PM EDT
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MILTON, W.Va. (WSAZ) - A drug bust in Milton ended with a police officer having to make a trip to the hospital.

“It felt like a pin prick on my thumb,” Officer Winston Lloyd, who started working with the Milton Police Department last year, said.

Saturday night, he and fellow officers performed a drug bust at a house on McGhee Street. Lloyd says needles were all over the home, and five kids were there.

“We made sure the kids got out of the area,” he said.

Lloyd said he saw a needle in a plastic bag behind a bookshelf. He reached for it, not knowing the needle was sticking out of the bag.

“I saw the needles but didn’t see the one sticking out, and I ended up sticking on the edge of my thumb,” he said.

Lloyd says after his thumb was pricked, he felt more concern for his fellow officers than himself.

“I let them know they needed to be careful,” he said. “I should’ve been more careful than what I was.”

After being stuck, Lloyd says medics came to the scene. Lloyd drove to the hospital himself to get checked out.

He says he was told at the hospital the chances anything harmful was on the needle were one in a thousand.

“In our opinions, (my fellow officers and I) looked at it, looked at what was around,” Lloyd said. “There was suboxone inside it. I’d say they’d been melting down suboxone and using it that way.”

Police say along with needles, they found heroin, meth, suboxone and a gun in the home.

Three people were arrested: Walter Cremeans, Heather, Lambert, and Jessica Lockhart, who police say is the resident of the home.

“What worried me the most is the fact that kids had been living there with uncapped needles everywhere,” Lloyd said.

Neighbor Daniel Foster says the kids who live there would often come over and play with his kids.

“Just to see it this close to the house and know what the kids are going through, it’s heartbreaking,” Foster said. “Officers have to do their job and have to worry about getting stuck by needles, it’s rough.”

Lloyd is just grateful after the scare to be back on the job and feeling healthy, and he’s hoping the children involved won’t be in such a dangerous environment again.

Lloyd will have to go back to the hospital in couple weeks to have his blood checked again.

The children involved are staying with a relative, Lloyd says.

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