Milton residents seek long-term solutions for brown water

Published: Jul. 13, 2021 at 11:46 PM EDT
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MILTON, W.Va. (WSAZ) - When Christy Black turns on the faucet, her water does not always look the way it should.

“Brown at times, it may be yellow at times. It’s bad enough that my family, we don’t want to drink it,” Black said.

She lives outside Milton city limits, but Milton Water services her home. She says the issue has gone on for about three years.

“We started a social media page, a closed group ourselves, trying to figure out is it one area or another,” Black said. “What we have discovered is that it’s the whole service area.”

She says they have frequent boil water advisories, although some people do not get the notifications. Black believes the issue is bigger than what people see when they turn on the tap.

“I have spoken with two plumbers that have told me that they’ve changed out hot water tanks that were full of sludge from Milton Water,” Black said.

Kelsi Miller lives inside the city. She just built a house there five years ago.

“You’ll go four to five days, and it’s brownish,” Black said.

It’s an issue state Delegate Sean Hornbuckle, D-Cabell, has taken on for his district -- hoping to get state or federal dollars to help.

It is an issue these Milton families just want resolved.

“There just needs to be some major money invested in the infrastructure to replace old pipes. A good place to start would be mapping of the pipes,” Miller said.

WSAZ reached out Tuesday to Milton Water about the issue, and they said no one was available for a statement.

We also tried reaching out to the mayor.

In a document released by Milton Water, it indicates the city did not test the water during the 2020 year, although the document states the issue has been resolved.

The document states the samples were tested and are within drinking water standards.

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