WSAZ Hometown Hero | Deputy First Class Bocky Miller

Hometown Hero | Deputy First Class Bocky Miller
Published: Jul. 19, 2021 at 2:57 PM EDT
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CABELL COUNTY, W.Va. (WSAZ) - A Deputy First Class with the Cabell County Sheriff’s Department is using a summer staple to help form better relations with the public.

DFC Bocky Miller is teaming up with Jacob Lowe, better known around town as “The Ice Cream Guy,” to hand out ice cream for free to kids in neighborhoods across the county.

It’s called ‘Operation Copsicle,’ and just like it sounds, is an outreach program that allows law enforcement across the county to reach out to children and bolster relationships with the people they serve.

“I never really thought at the beginning that it would be as big a success as it’s been,” said Cabell County Sheriff Chuck Zerkle. “But this is all Ron or Bocky. It was a great idea and it’s something we are going to continue to do.”

“With a lot of things going on in our country right now as far as the negativity with law enforcement and the communities, I think it’s very important that each agency develop their own community activity, law enforcement activity,” said Miller. “I think it’s important to gain that trust back with the community and this is one way. This is just one step toward gaining that trust.”

Miller is the main guy behind the idea, earning him the distinction of this week’s WSAZ Hometown Hero, but says this effort wouldn’t be possible without Lowe.

“I appreciate the idea and thought of being a hometown hero, but my hometown hero is Jacob and I appreciate him for allowing us to be together and go out and serve the community like that,” said Miller.

“He’s an amazing man, he deserves it,” said Shirley Sansom, Jacob’s mom. “If you have seen his Facebook page, he’s everywhere out there. He’s giving kids clothes, books, toys, just going up and giving them hugs. He’s just always there.”

Although the popsicles and ice cream are treats for the kids, Miller says his treat comes from seeing each of them smile and laugh.

“It means a lot when I can give a high five or the kids are hollering my name ‘ya know hey officer Bocky,’” said Miller. “That’s a wonderful feeling to know they feel that trust with somebody in uniform, somebody that they see as a positive figure in their lives. Being able to touch these kids lives like that, it means a lot and I just enjoy that.”

Miller says they plan to keep ‘Operation Copsicle’ going all summer and in the years to come.

However, they are needing your help to make it happen. They are taking donations to help pay for all the ice cream they are handing out.

If you would like to donate, click here.

You can also follow along with the schedule to see if ‘Operation Copsicle’ is coming to your neighborhood.

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