Weather delays Oakwood intersection Improvement project new traffic patterns

Drone footage of Oakwood Intersection Improvement Project
Drone footage of Oakwood Intersection Improvement Project
Published: Aug. 30, 2021 at 3:07 PM EDT
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CHARLESTON, W.Va. (WSAZ) - The main part of the Oakwood Intersection Improvement project the R-Cut, was set to be complete by Tuesday, August 31, according to Division of Highways officials. However, with heavy rains in the forecast, officials say the opening date has been delayed.

The project will feature the first R-Cut, which stands for Restricted Crossing U-Turn, in West Virginia. It will go along U.S 119/Corridor-G in Charleston.

“The R-Cut will cut the wait time from three minutes to one minute for those on Oakwood Road,” said Ryan Canfield, DOH project manager for the R-Cut project. At the same time, drivers on Corridor G will have shorter wait times at the intersection too.

According to the press release, “contractors must remove old paint lines and paint fresh lines showing the new pattern. Allowing a few extra days for brighter weather will have the advantage of allowing paint to dry correctly, and allowing drivers to familiarize themselves with the new pattern for the first time on a sunny day as well.”

Officials released a video on Friday demonstrating with arrows how the new pattern will work. They said the R-Cut is the bulk of the project and only minor details will be left to fully complete.

“Its going to be a headache and I guess they may hear from us sooner or later if it’s too bad because, (I’ve) got to travel in and out to work, my husband works,” said Patty Sadie, who lives right along U.S 119. “It’s always something.”

DOH said the R-Cut will improve traffic flow at the intersection of Corridor G and Oakwood Road by eliminating left hand turns from Oakwood to Corridor G. Officials say by eliminating the left turns, it will shorten the wait time for drivers at the intersection.

By choosing the R-Cut pattern, the DOH said they are saving the state $25 million dollars. The project is estimated to cost $5.8 million.

Though the bulk of the project will be complete Tuesday, there will still be crews out completing minor finishes but said it should not interfere with drivers.

DOH officials said they will send another press release to let the public know what date they select for the new opening of the R-Cut, they do anticipate it happening later in the week.

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