Elkhorn City plans to file second license to operate ambulance

Published: Sep. 7, 2021 at 6:53 PM EDT
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ELKHORN CITY, Ky. (WSAZ)- In a follow-up to a WSAZ Investigation, several counties in our region face the same roadblocks when filing for a license to operate an ambulance of their own.

Elkhorn City plans to file the second time to apply for a license to operate an ambulance or formerly know as a certificate of need.

Mayor Mike Taylor of Elkhorn City called WSAZ minutes after our initial story, Fatal Flaw, aired. Taylor explained the lack of ambulance providers threatens to prevent people in Pike County from getting emergency care.

According to Kentucky’s CON search tool, public records show that Elkhorn City applied for its first license under Taylor’s tenure in 2016.

The state denied the application in 2017.

Taylor said the state should issue an emergency license to temporarily operate an ambulance until a hearing can be held.

“I don’t care if they tell us 90 days or 100 days. Give us something, an emergency one. I think somebody should be allowed to do that. Why not? If it’s the two-year thing. This thing isn’t going away, and it’s getting worse every day,” said Taylor.

The Kentucky Cabinet of Family Health and Human Services told WSAZ there was " a backlog of hearings, and it is being worked through.”

A spokesperson for the cabinet said, those who applied for the license to operate an ambulance will be contacted within a few weeks for their hearing dates.

To help the city build the case their case to the state, Taylor encourages people to send letters to city hall so they can include them in the application.

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