Do you have a guess? West Virginia Power Baseball launches name change contest

Published: Sep. 9, 2021 at 12:24 PM EDT
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CHARLESTON, W.Va. (WSAZ) - In June, the West Virginia Power launched a survey for fans to weigh in on a potential name change for the team.

Thursday, at Appalachian Power Park officials announced the results of the survey and gave fans a new challenge: guess what the new name will be.

10 individuals stood on the stage Thursday, holding large, blank cards, except for the person at the end of the line.

So, here are the clues: the new name will be two words, each containing five letters, with the second word ending in an S.

To participate in the contest, go to the West Virginia Power website.

Officials say the winner will win two season tickets, a team jersey and a team hat.

If several people guess the new team name correctly, the winner will be chosen randomly, officials say.

West Virginia Power says the team’s new name will be revealed during the double header on September 28.

Officials say power players will play the first game of the season as the Charleston Charlies and will be told the new team name that evening.

“We will be putting the new uniforms in their lockers as they are playing their first game and removing their power uniforms,” said West Virginia Power President Chuck Domino.

West Virginia Power also announced Thursday that roughly 2,000 people participated in the name change survey that was launched two months ago.

The results were as follows:

  • 90 percent in favor of a name change
  • 78 percent of the 90 percent in favor of a name change preferred Charleston as the identifier over West Virginia
  • 36 percent were in favor of returning to the previous name, “The Charleston Charlies”
  • 15 percent were in favor of returning to the previous name, “The Alley Cats”
  • 6 percent were in favor of returning to the previous name, “The Wheelers”

“We are already the Charleston Charlies two days a week. So, I will put to rest anybody that thinks that we are going to be the Charlies full-time, because we are not going to be the Charlies full-time. We will continue to be the Charlies two times a week. It is a very popular name. It’s a name we like. It is a name a lot of our fans like, but not all of our fans, because only 36 percent, which was the highest number, but it wasn’t 100 percent of those 90 percent that wanted us to change.”

Power also announced three names that were not chosen, “The Babydogs”, “The River Turtles” and “The Toasters.”

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