‘She didn’t deserve to die that way’: Police searching for person who hit and killed woman in Pike County

Published: Sep. 27, 2021 at 6:19 PM EDT
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PIKE COUNTY, Ohio (WSAZ) -- Police are investigating after a woman was killed in Pike County, Ohio Friday, after police say she was hit by a vehicle.

Ohio State Highway Patrol said the incident happened on Morgans Fork Road, killing Shanna Bracken, 44, of Otway.

According to Lyda Bushatz, who lives just a couple hundred feet from where Bracken was hit, Bracken was with a group of people who were driving along the road. They ran out of gas, so Bracken and a friend started walking toward the nearest gas station.

Bushatz’s granddaughter was outside mowing when a car hit Bracken and sped away.

“I heard them screaming. She ran up through here and said her friend was dead her friend was dead and I didn’t know what was going on because I didn’t hear tires squealing or anything,” said Bushatz. “It knocked the girl out of her shoes, knocked the gas can over the ditch.”

As the investigation continues, police have not released a description of the vehicle that hit Bracken, but Bracken’s daughter, Chasity Baldwin, keeps questioning why someone wouldn’t stop.

“I could not imagine not stopping knowing that you hit a human being. It was daylight, it was not dark. Knowing that you hit a human being,” said Baldwin. “She is someone’s mother, she is someone’s sister, she is someone’s daughter, and she is someone’s grandmother, so it’s like that was left behind over someone who was not even, didn’t even care enough to stop and acknowledge her.”

While the family didn’t get the chance to say goodbye, they are holding on to memories of Bracken.

“Mom was definitely the life of the party. I think that’s what everyone remembers the most about her,” said Baldwin. “She would literally help anybody. She would give her shirt of her back to someone in need whether it was her last shirt or last dollar or whatever it was she would help them.”

People who live along Morgans Fork Road say there are quite a few people who walk along the road. Bushatz said there have been some car wrecks but this is the first time she remembers someone being hit and killed.

Bracken had five children and four grandchildren.

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