Haunted house owners warn of ‘free ticket’ Facebook scam

Published: Oct. 20, 2021 at 9:50 PM EDT
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WAYNE, W.Va. (WSAZ) - It may seem like bad karma to try to pull off a scam involving a haunted house, but it’s been well documented some thieves have no boundaries on who they target.

The men who run Twelvepole Manor in Wayne are thrilled to be back in operation this fall.

They had to shut down their haunted house abruptly last year several weeks prior to Halloween after fire marshals inspected and informed them several things weren’t up to code.

Necessary adjustments were made, and co-owner Travis Robinson says they’re welcoming in the largest crowds they’ve had.

“It feels wonderful to get back to doing what we love,” he said.

However, they’ve learned someone online is trying to cash in on their popularity.

“It’s very frustrating someone is trying to steal money from our customers,” Robinson said.

Robinson says customers who’ve participated in their authentic weekly free ticket giveaways on Facebook have reported a fake Twelvepole Manor account has messaged them and told them they’ve won tickets. Then the phony account user asks for credit card information.

“Absolutely do not do that,” Robinson said. “If anyone is trying to get credit card information from you, it is not Twelvepole Manor.”

Robinson says he’s talked with people who run other haunted attractions who’ve encountered the same problem.

“We’re getting people all the time saying they think they won tickets, and we have to say ‘Sorry, no, that was a scammer, please don’t give them your information,’” Robinson said.

“It’s really frustrating, it’s really annoying, and it’s just not right,” Joshua Adkins, who plays Damien the Clown at Twelvepole, said. “People just want to come in and take advantage of our fans and get money from them. It’s just sad.”

Robinson says if anyone is messaged by a fake account, you’re encouraged to report it to Facebook.

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