Ohio city council approves ordinance to make abortion a crime

Published: Oct. 26, 2021 at 11:16 AM EDT
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MASON, Ohio (WSAZ) - City council in Mason, Ohio has approved an ordinance to make abortion a crime, creating what they say is a sanctuary city for the unborn.

In 30 days, it will be a crime to get an abortion in Mason, though no abortion clinics currently exist in the city.

Proponents say this is a step to prevent any future abortion facilities in Mason.

The city has been home to protests for and against the ordinance for the past several weeks and council members have listened to hours of impassioned public comment.

Those in opposition say it will have a negative effect on the economy and cuts off healthcare access for women.

Some council members say they campaigned as pro life and it should come as no surprise they vote to approve this ordinance, but others say it goes beyond personal beliefs.

“I’m here to protect life. For me it’s a fundamental issue, if the foundations be destroyed what do we have left,” Mike Gilb, Vice Mayor said. “I’m not just here to decide how bright the street lights should be or where the next roundabout goes. Those things are certainly important issues but they’re not as fundamental as protecting life.”

“America has a legal system in place to create order in our country. We must follow and abide by that system,” Diana K. Nelson, Mason Council Member said. “The supreme court has made a ruling on abortion, regardless of one’s opinion on abortion, creating local laws that contradict with federal laws is illegal and unconstitutional.”

A similar ordinance passed in nearby Lebanon, Ohio earlier this year.

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