Several traffic lights removed in West Huntington

Some neighbors and drivers are concerned about the abrupt changes.
Published: Nov. 19, 2021 at 4:35 PM EST
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HUNTINGTON, W.Va. (WSAZ) - Drivers and residents were quite confused this week when they woke up and found three traffic signals had suddenly been removed from U.S. 60 in West Huntington.

“I do think it’s going to end up getting a child killed and causing a lot of accidents,” said Jonathan Brumfield.

Neighbors say there was no notice sent to them or posted nearby about a change. Business owners say they also weren’t notified that the traffic signals were coming down, and now they’re concerned about safety.

Shelly Chapman lives on 23rd Street and says she was “appalled” by the decision.

“Definitely a location I don’t think there should not be a light at,” she said. “It’s very busy, hard to turn left and risky when there’s not a light. There’s also a certain time of day when the sun is coming from the West and you can’t see traffic coming the other direction. The light is the only safe way to cross the intersection.”

Many drivers who use the routes daily say they were caught off guard and unsure of how to react. New stop signs were placed at the intersections from those trying to cross or enter U.S. 60.

“I thought it was broken and they were just replacing it or something,” Chapman said.

We contacted WVDOH for more information on the project and they provided the following information from the Traffic Engineering Department:

There was a recent study of signals in that area. As part of this project, it was determined that three unwarranted traffic signals would be removed. The three intersections are:

- US 60 (Waverly Road) @ Wayne Street

- US 60 (Adams Avenue) @ West 23rd Street

- US 60 (Adams Avenue) @ West 11th Street

As part of the project design, Burgess and Niple collected turning movement data at all intersections within the project and performed signal warrant analysis at the intersections where traffic volumes were generally low. After also performing a site review to ensure there were no sight restrictions or other field conditions that required consideration, the consultant recommended that three signals which were unwarranted (with no hours meeting the volume warrant) should be removed. Based on that analysis, DOH concurred and passed the data and recommendation to the City of Huntington to ask for their feedback. The City agreed with our recommendation and concurred with the removal of the three traffic signals. City personnel also attended final field review meetings with us for the project where it was reiterated that the signals would be removed.

WSAZ also reached out to the city of Huntington who says they concur with the information provided by WVDOH and Public Works Director Jim Insco says that the data collection done by WVDOH and other work connected to this traffic signalization project began in April 2019.

A few residents on social media said they found the lights redundant and are glad to see them go. Other drivers worry about buses and students walking to school who will now have no lighted crosswalk at those intersections to help guide them across the street.

Friday afternoon, there was an accident with injuries at the West 11th Street location. Tap here for more.

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