Family-owned business not impacted by Christmas tree shortage

Published: Nov. 23, 2021 at 6:15 PM EST
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KITTS HILL, Ohio (WSAZ) - It’s the time of the year most families are getting ready to light up their homes for the holidays. It’s a timeless tradition, taking your family to pick out a Christmas tree.

For 45 years, Keith Dickess and his family have worked to make sure there have been plenty of trees available at their farm in Kitts Hill.

Keith’s father started Dickess Christmas Tree Farm in 1976.

“My father started in 1969, planting the first trees, but we had to wait seven years before they were up to the proper height for the public,” Dickess said. “The Christmas tree is the centerpiece of a family’s home.”

Nationally, some farmers have said Christmas trees will be in shorter supply this year as a nationwide shortage tied to the recession a decade ago continues.

Weathering the ice storm, Dickess was worried about losing some of the trees, but his farm stocked and prepared for the upcoming holiday season.

“The shortage of Christmas trees isn’t impacting us. I’ve been planting over three thousand trees a years. For many years, that rotation has kept us with lots of trees,” Dickess said.

To accommodate rising demand through the years, Dickess decided to plant multiple species of trees. In the spring of 2022, he will plant an extra 1,000 trees.

Dickess even added multiple species, bringing back a popular favorite for people with allergies: the Leyland cypress.

With the upcoming weekend being one of the busiest, Dickess says it brings joy to see families return each year.

“The return of families, year after year, sometimes three or four-generation strong, seeing them with smiles when they return. We love to catch up after the year and see what they’ve done,” Dickess said.

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