Last-minute Thanksgiving shoppers flood stores

Published: Nov. 24, 2021 at 7:02 PM EST
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IRONTON, Ohio (WSAZ) - As families prepare for Thanksgiving, last-minute shoppers are on the journey to make sure they have everything they need.

“I’m a little nervous for it,” Haley Howell said.

As Howell and her daughter Olivia get ready to host Thanksgiving for the first time, nerves are running high.

The two are crossing off their grocery list, just like all of the other last-minute shoppers at Ironton Food Fair.

“It’s the busiest day of the year for us. As soon as we open the door at seven a.m., it doesn’t stop until we close at nine p.m.,” store manager Doug Hankins said.

Hankins says the day before Thanksgiving is when he sees the most customers shopping for the holiday. He expects at least 1,000 or more last-minute shoppers to come by Wednesday— making sure to keep all aisles open to customers.

People have been checking out all day long, even almost clearing out a key Thanksgiving ingredient: gravy.

“Oh I got the last jar of beef -- awesome,” Jamie Wilson said.

Snagging the last jar of beef gravy is comparable to finding a pot of gold for Wilson. She says some ingredients have been hard to come by.

“They’re low on a lot of things. I come for some yams. I don’t know if they got them or not,” Wilson said.

So, while Wilson keeps looking for ingredients to substitute, shoppers like Howell are going back and forth --deciding what she will be able to get on the dinner table by Thursday.

“I’m not sure how to cook stuffing, so I’m not sure about getting that or not,” Howell said.

Although a bit stressed out, these last-minute shoppers are staying calm and looking forward to not having to rush anymore -- all so they can enjoy a great meal with loved ones.

The store manager says the Ironton Food Fair location is open until 9 p.m. Wednesday. He advises customers to be prepared to be patient, as so many filter through the aisles to get their groceries.

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