Hometown Hero | Frank Rudder

Hometown Hero | Frank Rudder
Published: Dec. 31, 2021 at 5:40 PM EST
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ALLEN, Ky. (WSAZ) - Santa Claus is known for bringing joy on Christmas Day.

But in Allen, Kentucky, it’s someone else driving a different big red sleigh.

Frank Rudder is Santa’s right-hand man, making sure all the children’s wishes are heard loud and clear.

He works with community organizations to coordinate donations of toys, boxes of fruits, and candy for children in the area.

“We gift new toys and fruit to kids around Christmas time. Some of those kids, that’s all they get, “Rudder said. “I like making it happen.”

Rudder said the first thing that pops in his mind when he wakes up is, “Who can I help today?”

It’s not part of his job description, balancing his duties as the Chief of the Allen Volunteer Fire Department with his love for the community.

“I love doing it because someone has to take care of people. I have great members knowing if something happened, they would carry on what I do to take care of our community,” Rudder said.

His department also started a weekly food giveaway during the pandemic to help feed families in the area. Most boxes included meat, cheese, milk, and vegetables.

“There’s no other feeling to explain it, knowing that we had people show up who needed something,” Rudder said. “I would give more if I had.”

“It’s amazing how big of a heart he has,” Joe Reynolds said. “For Frank to be able to go out and coordinate to get these resources to help the community is incredible.”

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