More than 100 structures damaged in Pike County flooding

Published: Jan. 3, 2022 at 6:56 PM EST
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PIKE COUNTY, Ky. (WSAZ) - Pike County Emergency Management crews have spent Sunday and Monday assessing flood damage in the county. Emergency Management Director Doug Tackett said they expect more than 100 homes and buildings were flooded.

“Talk about a flash flood. That is what it was -- a flash flood. It came up quick, went down pretty quick,” Tackett said.

He is working to get that information together, in order to submit a report to the state and hopefully receive federal aid.

Pike County Judge-Executive Ray Jones said the county has had three floods in the last 10 months, but this one is the worst because of the amount of damages.

The Big Creek Fire Department and the community center in Big Creek are both flooded. Inside the community center, their equipment is broken and the equipment inside the fire department is also damaged.

Judge Jones said two fire department flooded in the last year, including the Big Creek location. Now, the county is looking for grants in order to move the stations out of the flood plain.

“This station is going to have to be moved because this department has in the past been a key to helping recovery efforts after flood events,” Jones said.

Judge Jones said many people with damage are still without water.

“So far, the efforts have been to get the roads open back up to try to get water restored. We still have a lot of folks without water,” he said.

While crews continue to help cleanup and report damages, Judge Jones encourages people who can afford it to get flood insurance.

County roads were also damaged in mud and rock slides. The county is working to fix those roads, too, but Tackett said recovery efforts will take longer as cold weather sets in.

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