Pike County cleans up after State of Emergency declared

Published: Jan. 2, 2022 at 11:19 PM EST
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PIKE COUNTY, Ohio (WSAZ) - Heavy rain moved through the county Saturday morning and residents in Pike County watched as their homes and basements filled with water.

First responders took on more than 40 rescues and worked to help clean areas with the most severe damage.

Sunday, as part of the emergency response plan, crews and first responders began assessing the damage.

One couple, Katy and Ethan Wolfrod, bought a home just a month ago in Belfry.

“The overhead door that goes to my basement is caved in and water is rushing into it,” said Ethan Wolfrod.

It was a sight many residents in the county say they have not seen in over a decade. The most affected areas Pike County Emergency Management said were the Belfry and North and East Big Creek Communities.

Red Cross and emergency crews are assessing damages in these areas both Sunday and Monday. They urge everyone with flood damage to report and call 606-432-0210.

Rockslides and blocked roads were also an issue. In the Meta area, Melinda who lives down Scott’s Fork Rd. said the road caved in, leaving more than 30 people without a way in or out.

“A lot of people have hospital government jobs so we are all just kind of stranded right now,” said Melinda.

She said after she got home from work Saturday, the hole grew and people weren’t able to get by.

Melinda went on a supply run, asking neighbors what they needed.

“I think everyone is good now we checked on everybody to see if they needed anything while we were out,” said Melinda. “I am just thankful that they came out this quick. We are lucky that we did not get hit as hard as other places in the area we are fortunate I just pray for everybody else that go hit worse than we did.”

In the Big Creek area, a fire department, community center and homes were flooded as well as the area around Bevins Elementary School.

Over in Belfry, multiple communities were flooded. On Route 119 the road was blocked by mud and water and crews came out to move it off the roads. Businesses that line Route 119 saw damage as well.

As crews continue to asses the damages, Pike County Emergency Management tell WSAZ they hope to have a better understanding of how many homes and businesses were damages by early this week.

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