Kanawha County Emergency Services urges drivers to be prepared

Published: Jan. 5, 2022 at 11:28 PM EST
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CHARLESTON, W.Va. (WSAZ) - With heavy snow predictions coming through, Kanawha County Emergency Manager C.W. Sigman said while they are prepared for snow events, he still hopes people remember they need to take it slow.

“It’s gonna be snowing. Don’t drive like its the speedway,” Sigman said.

Sigman said you do not have to look very far to know how important it is that we all need to be prepared.

“What happened in northern Virginia is a good reminder. We are not going to get a large storm, but there could be accidents on the interstate and you could be stuck for a little bit, so make sure your car is prepared,” Sigman said. “My wife is the prepped one in our family. There will be blankets in the car. There will be food, there will be water. There will be stuff if we are stuck on the interstate that we will be OK for while.”

The Department of Highways and city crews are working around the clock to pre-treat and salt roads overnight and into Thursday.

“What that does, when the snow starts, it will buy us a little more time to get out and treat all of the roads. Hopefully that will prevent the snow from sticking to the roads,” said D.O.H. Maintenance Engineer Kathy Rushworth.

In case of a large power outage, Sigman said the county has what it needs to make sure the county stays warm.

“Say a community loses power, a whole community and they needed to congregate people into a facility, but we got a facility but no heat, we can heat that facility for a few hours,” Sigman said.

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