First Warning Forecast | Snowstorm Pulls Away

Biggest Storm In Years For Some Of Us.
First Warning Forecast
Published: Jan. 6, 2022 at 9:14 PM EST|Updated: Jan. 7, 2022 at 9:19 AM EST
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HUNTINGTON, W.Va. (WSAZ) - The last of the lingering snow flurries will fade, but not before giving some another inch or two in some of these last bands. The snow is very fluffy, which has allowed for higher snow totals and less compaction. Some of the big winners have been arrayed from the Logan, WV area on up through the high spots along Corridor-G, through the Charleston metro area, and then up along I-79 (and of course into the mountains). 8 to 10″ of snow fell in that zone, with even some locally higher amounts. This would represent the biggest snow since January of 2016. The Huntington area saw about 6″ of snow, making it the biggest event since the Christmas Eve snowstorm of 2020 (that targeted our western counties more than the eastern ones). Across the river into Ohio is where the lesser amounts fell, with a general 1″- 3″ fell from Portsmouth up through Athens.

As the clouds gradually erode for sunshine, taking all the way into the afternoon in the eastern counties, we’ll see some snow melt and settling, even with temperatures remaining in the 20s. This is a natural result of direct sunlight and the compaction of fluffy snow. Tire tracks may well melt to water during the afternoon as well, but all will ice back over soon after sunset. As temperatures drop back through the teens, normal road salt will cease to be as functional. Be on guard on the roads and walkways tonight and tomorrow morning. Under clear skies we’ll send up seeing many sink to the single digits by dawn Saturday, the coldest morning yet this season.

Sunshine bounces us back to the 40s on Saturday, and a lot of snowmelt will occur. Get that sledding in today or tomorrow through about lunchtime, because after that it will be slim pickin’s. Our next system comes in Sunday, and it figures to be a rain-maker, so be ready to see all that snow go away in a dreary foggy din. Early church-goers should pay attention to their car thermometer as they leave though, for temperatures might still be close to the freezing rain thought before warming up. Colder air is again waiting in the wings behind this one, so we’ll drop back down into the teens and be looking for a few more snow flurries.

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