Road repaired in Mingo County after family continually asked for years

Published: Jan. 14, 2022 at 6:53 PM EST
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MINGO COUNTY, W.Va. (WSAZ) - The Williams family in Mingo County said they’ve asked the Department of Highways for two years to get a permanent fix to the road they take to get home.

It’s located on a small section of Marrowbone Creek Road. WSAZ contacted the Department of Transportation on Tuesday about the situation, and just a few days later the road was repaired.

“I know one night they worked 12 hours and that backhoe. Boy, he was here after dark and then the next day they worked all day,” Jimmy Williams said.

Work started in the area Wednesday and finished Thursday.

Williams says crews have made a lot of trips to the area in the past two years, but he’s never seen this much work put in.

WSAZ Question: How many times would you say they came up here?

“Probably 20 times,” Williams said. “They spent a lot of money for gravel.”

Jennifer Dooley with the Department of Transportation told WSAZ via email they’ve installed new drainage and put shot rock down.

However, after asking if this is an area that’s needed work repeatedly we were told, “We have added gravel at the location previously,” Dooley wrote. She also wrote, “Our District 2 Maintenance Engineer, Chris Collins, provided the following; We have added gravel at the location previously. The District Engineer, Maintenance Engineer, Maintenance Assistant and County Administrator met on site on January 4 to review the situation and determine a repair, following the most recent slip which occurred approximately two weeks ago as a result of heavy rain storms in the area.”

While Williams is happy, his daughter Polly wants to see more done.

“I like what they’ve done this time to it, but it still needs to be fixed a little better, so we can get up here better,” she said.

We sent additional questions to the Department of Transportation, asking about the project, but we haven’t gotten a response since Wednesday evening.

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