Woman searching for person who crashed into her car and fled the scene

Woman asks for help to find person who crashed into her car
Published: Jan. 21, 2022 at 6:33 PM EST
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WELLSTON, Ohio. (WSAZ) -- Early Monday morning, Wellston, Ohio was under a Level Two Snow Emergency. Many roads were covered in snow and ice after a winter storm blanketed the region. Along West Broadway Street, Alicia Beatty woke up to see that her car had been hit.

“All I could think of is, maybe they were driving without insurance or driving impaired,” speculated Beatty.

Her car was parked right in front of her home, which sits along a curve in the road. The overnight collision left the passenger side of her Ford Explorer severely damaged.

“It tore the running board off, ruined the windshield, the door is ruined, and glass is everywhere. It looks like they may have fishtailed around and hit the back,” said Beatty.

The worst part is that the perpetrator didn’t even stop and drove off into the night, which means Beatty is left with the cost of fixing all of the damage.

“It really couldn’t have happened at a worse time for me. I’ve been unemployed for a few years now. I lost my job at a small bank in Wellston that sold out to a larger institution,” said Beatty. “Despite having a degree, I’m having a difficult time finding office work somewhere close.”

That is why she is adamant about finding whoever is responsible. Fortunately, there were a few parts of the perpetrator’s car left behind.

“It should be a white Dodge and it should have a lot of damage in the front. Obviously, it’s missing a headlight since it was left in my driveway. It should have some gold paint on it, I would think,” said Beatty.

With the community’s watchful eye, maybe the perpetrator will be found, and Beatty won’t have to shoulder this burden on her own.

“I really don’t have the funds to replace this vehicle, and that’s unfortunate,” said Beatty.

If you have any information that could help investigators locate whoever is responsible, you are urged to contact the Wellston Police Department at 740-384-2171.

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