Stranger returns Christmas card scorched in Colorado fire to owner

Published: Jan. 23, 2022 at 12:39 PM EST
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SUPERIOR, Colo. (KMGH) – A woman who lost everything in Colorado’s Marshall Fire now has a little piece of her life back.

Thanks to someone she’s never met, that part of Kate Cullen’s life from before the fire found its way home.

The memory no one thought made it after the fire was found by Aaron Michael.

“The houses over there are gone,” he said. “So I figured they came from the neighborhood across the street but it actually traveled a mile.”

It was a long, strange trip for the handwritten Christmas card originally sent from Switzerland.

“It must have had one heck of a ride,” Cullen said. “She took the time to write it. So I took the time to keep it. I know exactly where it was in my house, the day of the fire.”

Cullen was one of many who lost everything at the end of December in the fire.

“We did lose three pets in this fire,” Cullen said. “We really had no time to get anything out. Now I have about five things from my post-fire life.”

Those things now include the traveling letter, scorched by fire and returned by hand.

“Everything happened for a reason ... I was meant to find that card and it was meant to go back to Kate,” Michael said.

Michael posted a picture of the card on Facebook.

“I was reading like, ‘oh, Sonia,’ and then as soon as I saw the ‘p.s.,’ I said, ‘oh my gosh,’ like my heart just stopped. I didn’t even read the rest of it. I knew it was mine right away.”

It was a small gesture after a huge loss. Cullen plans to keep it as she rebuilds as a reminder of the moment.

“Probably right by the door so we can tell the story of how far we’ve come as a family and community,” she said.

A letter that’s lived through so much is back with the family who will always remember the kindness that brought it home.

Like many people who lost their homes in the Marshall Fire, Cullen plans to stay in the community and rebuild. The card is a small piece of her former life, but even so, she thinks it’s a good start to her new beginning.

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