Pregnancy ultrasound that creates lifelike, 4D image of baby

Published: Jan. 27, 2022 at 4:42 PM EST
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BARBOURSVILLE, W.Va. (WSAZ) - Pregnant mothers have ultrasounds to determine if a baby is healthy and developing correctly. With 3D and 4D ultrasounds parents can also get an idea of what a baby will look like.

Now, ultrasound renderings are available that can turn scans into almost portrait like images.

My Baby You’ll Be 4D Ultrasound in Barboursville is offering the rendering service, and believe they are the only ones in West Virginia.

Mom, Kaitlyn Fite, took at ultrasound image taken at 32 weeks gestation, and had it rendered into a an incredibly lifelike image.

“It’s spot on. The noses and lips were identical,” she said of now six week old baby Myla. “Her eyes are a little wider now than the picture, but it basically looks the same,” said Fite.

According to Fite, ultrasound technology has dramatically improved since she had her first child six years ago.

Myla is her fourth child.

“Six year ago they really didn’t have as good as 3D. You couldn’t see the features, you couldn’t really even see the hair. But now you can see the hair, and this rendering looks exactly like her,” said Fite.

My Baby You’ll Be 4D provides all kinds of services to expectant moms, and can also use ultrasound images from other facilities to create a life like rendering.

Owner Jeanie Basham says, “If you have an existing picture of previous ultrasounds, we can send them off and them retouched.”

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